July, 2010

Jul 10

Bold, brilliant Inception sticks thanks to good old-fashioned storytelling


I could not resist an excuse to post a picture of former Angel in the outfield Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It’s been about 18 hours since I saw Christopher Nolan’s Inception, and in that time my thoughts on the film have shifted around somewhat. I went in expecting a masterpiece, exited feeling pretty sure that if it wasn’t quite a masterpiece, it was close enough, and went to bed thinking it was very good if perhaps a little overrated after all. By the time I finished my coffee this morning (COFFEEEEEEE), I’d decided that it was a pretty damn amazing movie after all, just not for the reasons I’d initially looked to.

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Jul 10

Adventureland successfully combines quiet sadness and dick jokes


Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg in Adventureland

There are few movies in this universe that I despise more than Garden State. I have many reasons for disliking it, from its unlikable main characters to its creepy fetishization of depression. But what really pushes me over the edge is the unbelievable hype that surrounded it. The Graduate for our generation”? No, thanks.

That said, I get what the movie was going for, because Adventureland is the movie Garden State wishes it was. Both attempt to capture the exciting, terrifying space just before adulthood, and both feature aimless young men at a crossroads in life who fall for irresistible young women. But Adventureland is a warmer, more relatable film– and as a result, a much more moving film, too.

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