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Dec 10

“Anyone Can Cook”: 9 very easy, very tasty recipes for beginners


We had a mouse problem earlier this year, so cooking at my apartment was a little like this.

To say that cooking is one of my hobbies would be inaccurate, as that would imply that I actually know what I’m doing. It’s far more accurate to say that learning to cook is one of my hobbies. I’d literally never made anything more complicated than pasta and jarred sauce until 2007, and 2010 is the first year I actually made an active effort to try and become a decent cook. And you know what? I’m still clueless, but I’ve gotten better at faking it. I still get nervous about the slightest recipe modification, fear unusual (to me) ingredients like flour and kale, and take 50 minutes to make a 30-minute recipe. But I’m no longer subsisting off of Sabra hummus and pre-packaged salad, so that’s progress, right?

So for all the novice (or experienced but lazy) cooks out there, I’m posting a few of my favorite successes. All of these are doable as long as you are capable of chopping vegetables and turning on appliances, and most are relatively quick. Oh, and sorry about the lack of pictures– I didn’t know I’d be writing this when I cooked these dishes– but I believe all links have pictures if you click through.

Good luck!

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